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Architectural Lighting Design
We will work with you & your Architect or Interior Designer to create a truly amazing Lighting Design for your Home
Control by Phone or Tablet
Enjoy the convenience of controlling your lighting and AV system from your phone or iPad using our custom app.
Lighting Control Systems
We will design a system to cater for your specific requirements to allow control of everything in your home, even remotely.
Audio Visual Systems
With experience in TV & Theatre we are accomplished in designing professional grade home cinemas and media rooms.
Online Lighting Design
Not all projects need us on site nor do they have the budget. Our online service gives you a head start at minimal cost.
Home Automation
We will design a custom system to cater for your specific needs to control everything in your home, even when away. 
Garden Lighting
Take control of your garden lighting and let us create an exterior light show, or simply bring the inside out by balancing the lighting throughout the house & garden.
Bespoke Lighting Products
Light fittings & furniture incorporating various light sources