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The first meeting is free of charge as it is vital in getting to know you and your requirements. You can rest assured that the clock doesn't start until we have a full understanding of the project and a budget has been agreed.

Our services range from full system design & project supervision to simple lighting plots for a single room.  

We also now offer an Online Lighting Design Service for those situations where you wish to run the project yourself.

Whether you simply need a lighting plot for your electrician to follow or a complete system, we have a package to suit.
Bespoke illuminated dining table by Jonathan Field & LBD
Bespoke illuminated dining table
bespoke illuminated table
bespoke illuminated Murano basin
Bespoke glass sculpture/chandelier
Rako lighting control
Our experience in TV & Theatre has made us adept at creating professional grade home cinemas & media rooms, integrating them with our lighting to create an audio visual experience that can be operated via wall mounted keypads, touchscreens or from your Phone or iPad.
Rako lighting control
The Lighting Control Systems we find the most useful and reliable are Rako & Lutron.  
Both offer excellent  lighting controls.
RAKO WIRELESS SYSTEM - Ideal for retro-fit as it eliminates the need for total rewiring. Discreet wireless dimmers can be fitted in the ceiling or behind the keypad in place of the original switch.

RAKO WIRED SYSTEM - The Pro option for new-builds & refurbishments as it can be incorporated during rewiring.  The  software offers an infinite variety of possibilities and combinations for professional lighting scenes.

iPAD, iPHONE & ANDROID CONTROL - As with our home automation systems, Rako can be operated from your phone or tablet using the free Rako App.   You can also program the scenes yourself via the same app.

LUTRON  - Lutron manufacture a diverse range of lighting control options from simple wall mounted dimmers to sophisticated lighting control systems for both the domestic and commercial market.  

As with Rako, Lutron offer both wired and wireless options which, once programmed, can be controlled via WiFi from your phone or tablet using their free app.

INSTALLATION -  Whilst Lutron lighting systems do require a certain amount of specialist knowledge to install and set up, with our assistance and our detailed light plots and schematics your electrician should have no problem in installing & preparing the system ready for the final program.
Lutron & Rako also make a complete range of roller and venetian blinds that link seamlessly with most systems.
Garden Lighting, Barnes, London
Garden lighting, Barnes, Richmond
Garden path lit with focussed bollards
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