Not when they're designed by Philippe Starck!

Hat Table Lamps

The lamp shown above (the 'Chapo' table lamp) is intended to use any hat as a lampshade and represents a whimsical addition to the normally clean-lined modern lamps by Flos.

ts a brilliant idea that serves as both lamp and hat stand.  Imagine how great a row of these would be in a dressing room. It uses an 8W LED house in a special hat frame so it won't get too hot for any type of hat.

But its not just the quirky lamps that remain valid in today's interiors.  Every lighting design should include the provision for some table or floor lamps to add shape and depth to the lighting.   If you just rely on overhead lighting you may have good overall illumination but it'll still need some highlights from accent spots or table & floor lamps to bring it to life.  We used the ones below, by Porta Romana, in an apartment in Knightsbridge to add life to an otherwise dark hallway.  

Tip:  Always try to use table lamps in pairs where the space permits.  It makes a much better design

Porta Romana Table Lamps