Leds are too expensive for domestic use.

FALSE - They are more expensive than halogen lamps but even at the current price, before higher take-up brings costs down, they represent a sound investment if you intend to stay in your property  more than a couple of years.

LEDs can't be dimmed.

FALSE - You just have to  buy dimmable ones and use the right kind of dimmer (although many cheaper dimmers are not up to the job).

LEDs are a funny colour, like fluorescents.

FALSE - Although I agree they used to be, and there may still be some cheap products out there that are extremely disappointing but if you stick with the known brands you'll be surprised at the good colour rendition.

LEDs aren't bright enough.

FALSE - When they first came out they were pretty dim but now we always recommend using dimmers with them in order to manage the high output to advantage.  And No it doesn't waste energy using modern dimmers!

LEDs are bad for your health.

FALSE - In fact a current study in the US has already proven that LEDs can have a beneficial effect on the skin and there's research being conducted using LED light to accelerate healing.

So what's the catch?

So far the Lighting industry has been surprised to find that there doesn't appear to be one!  The LED revolution has been swift and sure and we don't see it slowing down.

So, theres no more to be done?

FALSE - Manufacturers can still do a lot more to develop LEDs so that we have the same variety of beam angles on LED spots as we used to on MR16 halogens but the better manufacturers are already addressing this.  There are obviously many more ways they can be deployed as long as consumer demand is there.  Its just a matter of making sure everyone know about them.

There are obviously many more questions than this to answer but we'd be happy to hear yours and will respond with an informed opinion and  a solution to any problems you may have encountered.