This magnificent table was commissioned by LBD from the innovative furniture maker Jonathan Field.  

I collaborated with Jonathan to design a special version of one of his tables that has an integral lightbox which creates a gentle soft glow through a diffuse resin layer.  The colour can be varied to suit the mood and, in much the same way as candlelight, offers a gentle, flattering light for dining.

We were fortunate in having a client who totally appreciates the need for good lighting as well as a passion for craftsmanship in wood.  These tables represent a successful integration of both elements.

Illuminated Dining Table, Mill Hill

The table is in two parts that come together to create one long table for parties but can be separated for more modest dining.  They raised considerable interest at last years Clerkenwell Design Week and we've since collaborated with Jonathan on other furniture for the same client.  - Watch this space!

illumoated dining table, london